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Cost Competitiveness

We leverage our resources and relationships with high quality suppliers to negotiate favorable pricing and terms and conditions on your behalf.

Engineering Expertise

We deliver innovative solutions and creative process improvements to reduce your overall cost without compromising on quality and lead time.

Supply Chain Transparency

We share supplier information and communication through accurate and frequent project updates to drive toward successful completion. 

Risk Mitigation

We perform due diligence with suppliers and utilize our local presence to mitigate political & legal risks to establish a seamless supply chain.

Market Knowledge

We provide insights into current cost and market dynamics of the Indian manufacturing landscape to enable you in making informed decisions. 


Customer Service

We utilize our dual presence in U.S. and India to provide exceptional customer service by working round the clock to deliver quick turnarounds to your needs.


about sourcx

Creative solutions that meet technical and commercial requirements

We believe in trust, transparency and business integrity

At SourcX, we are committed to delivering creative solutions that meet your technical and commercial requirements. Our goal is to help our clients navigate through the inherent challenges of sourcing from India and establish a reliable supply base. We aim to develop long-term relationships with suppliers and clients based on trust, transparency and business integrity.

Meet the Team

Abhishek Agarwal
Founder and CEO

Abhishek Agarwal holds an MBA with a focus on Supply Chain and International Business. His core skills are negotiation, relationship building, and continuous improvement. His global strategic sourcing background means he understands the process and requirements of customers while being able to come up with creative solutions. He is a native Hindi and English speaker with a strong knowledge of the US and Indian manufacturing landscapes.

Shree Prakash Agarwal
Managing Director, India

S.P. Agarwal is the Co-Founder and former Director of Sage Metals Limited established in India in 1983. He oversaw production in 4 different manufacturing units with an annual turnover of $45 million, with 98% accounting for exports. He has 35+ years of experience in manufacturing in India and has worked with over 200 vendors during his tenure as Director at Sage Metals.

Raveena Godbole

Raveena Godbole holds an MBA with a focus on Energy and Finance. She has held a variety of roles in operations management, sourcing, and digital analytics. She currently works in the Energy sector as a market intelligence advisor.

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