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Don't risk supply chain disruption! Diversify your metal component manufacturing in India by partnering with us.

We specialize in offshore fabrication, manufacturing and product sourcing in India. Our technical expertise comes from a combined 55+ years experience of manufacturing small and large components for North American and European markets. Let us help you seize the benefits of sourcing from India and achieve profitable and risk-free component procurement.

We provide a gateway to partner with high-quality Indian suppliers that specialize in a variety of manufacturing processes to achieve the specifications of your custom components.

Our Services

At SourcX, we partner with high quality suppliers and deliver creative solutions that meet your technical and commercial requirements.
We help our clients navigate through the inherent challenges of sourcing from India and establish a reliable supply base.
Our dual presence in U.S. and India allows us to bridge the gap between our clients and suppliers.

Sourcing Strategy

Understand your needs and develop a customized sourcing plan

Supplier Verification

Identify and partner with suppliers to meet your manufacturing needs

Quality Control

Monitor quality throughout supply chain to deliver defect free components

Logistics & Warehousing

Provide end to end service by delivering product to choice of location within US

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