Success Stories

The client was single-sourced from China but faced rising costs and escalated risks due to tariffs and volatility with Chinese suppliers. The client wanted to diversify and establish a new supply chain in India but had no prior experience in that market. Our multi-faceted solution included technical engineering, product design, packaging, and supply chain optimization, resulting in process optimization, reduced costs, greater flexibility, and a trusted supply chain they could grow with.

The client, a US-based industrial hardware supplier, had sourced materials and parts from Taiwan and China but wanted to diversify their supply chain to India. The trouble was they had no experience in the region. They engaged SourcX to facilitate their journey—without any guarantee of any business at the end of it. We took care of every detail, ensuring the client’s trip went smoothly, that he visited all the suppliers on his list, and came home with partnerships, support, and terms to help them achieve their business goals. In the end, they chose SourcX as their sourcing partner. We achieved significant cost savings for the client and provided a conduit for them to source from India—without the headache of sourcing from India.

The client relied on a single supplier who insisted on being paid upfront for the product without recourse for conflict resolution should an issue arise. SourcX worked with the client to identify an alternative source that could supply the high-quality products they need more affordably and with value-added features, such as quality certificates, custom packaging, and a flexible delivery schedule they didn’t have before. SourcX effectively streamlined its supply chain, improved payment terms, reduced organizational risk, and put time and money back into the company.

A US-based components supplier for electrical and mechanical infrastructure applications faced barriers to growth and profitability due to inefficient and challenging relationships with their overseas parts suppliers. As a result of the engagement, the client was able to save time and resources through streamlined processes and significantly lowered costs while establishing a competitive advantage that enabled sustainable growth as they moved into the next chapter of their evolution.

A major manufacturing company faced rising costs and uncertainty from their suppliers in China and Taiwan. Not wanting to raise prices or risk losing clients due to higher prices and unreliability, they wanted to diversify into India. In partnering with SourcX, the client was able to build a new supply chain, access superior quality components, and lock in prices for the next year. From time of engagement to sample approval to first production order was 75 days. Having gained improved reliability, better pricing, and guaranteed continuity, the client was able to focus on entering new markets to increase their market share.

The client was already sourcing products and parts from India, but quality and reliability were always issues. SourcX facilitated the pulling away from problematic suppliers, helping them lock in a new network that offered superior quality and reliability right out of the gate. These new, fruitful relationships have resulted in immediate bottom-line growth and have enabled the client to focus more on future initiatives as opposed to chasing supply chain issues.